Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Work to do

Looks like there is a bit of work to do to get Ron Paul's message out in Idaho. Ridenbaugh Press » Ahead in Idaho
The new results come from Greg Smith Associates of Eagle; the report cautions any reading of them, owing partly to a smaller than usual sample size.

Smith, who is a public supporter of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, must have been heartened by the Republican results, which gave Romney a big lead (especially in eastern Idaho), 38% to 20% for second-place Rudy Guiliani; not-yet-candidate (depending on how you describe him and who he describes himself to) Fred Thompson is third at 18%. Of course, Idaho would be expected to be one of Romney’s best states; most of Idaho’s Republican political establishment is already in his camp.
Not surprising really when you look at the actual document (warning, PDF in link). The sample composition has 41% coming from Southwestern Idaho, strong Mormon country. I think the biggest beef most voters have with Romney (other than he is so fake) is his Mormonism. Most view the sect with a wary eye.

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