Friday, July 27, 2007

With open arms

When introducing a one's business to the neighboring community, some find it wise to conceal the exact nature of that business. But of course it is just that they "want to introduce ourselves to the community ... rather than be defined by our adversaries."

Nothing sez "so nice to meet you" like "Hello, we are your new neighbors. Never mind the guillotines and torture instruments, we just wanted to say hi. Perhaps borrow a cup of sugar or meat cleaver..."

Illinois Planned Parenthood Built New Aurora Abortion Business Secretly
Aurora, IL ( -- As more reports surface on the new abortion center Planned Parenthood is building Aurora, Illinois, pro-life advocates are concerned about how it was built with so little advanced notice. The 22,000-foot building is one of the largest abortion centers in the nation but Planned Parenthood was able to build it under the radar.

As reported Tuesday, Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area will open the abortion business in the 200 block of North Oakhurst Drive, located in the DuPage County section of Aurora.

But the new facility escaped the attention of pro-life advocates and area residents until recently in part because signs at the location carried Planned Parenthood's name for its new building -- the "Gemini Health Center."

Work crews working on the abortion center have been working on it for eight months but no one knew the facility would be used for abortions until a contractor tipped off local pro-life advocates when he grew concerned about the amount of security and bulletproof glass for the building.
When money is not an object, zoning rules and such don't really apply.

"No really, no reason to object to our business. We just thought we would sneak in and say 'Surprise.' In a fun sort of way, you know."

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