Monday, July 09, 2007

Get in the CAR

Don't make me stop this thing and come back there. And all other such appropriate traveling with kids phrases. So stop asking if we are there yet and get on board, get in the CAR as in Catholics Against Rudy.

A little something they link to, Trashing Rudy's 'Catholic' Credentials | Catholics for Democracy
On abortion, the article goes point-by-point in Giuliani's public career to demonstrate a man embracing the so-called right to abortion much more than politically necessary to get elected into office. In fact, as a matter of policy, Giuliani continued Mayor Ed Koch's practice of having the city fund abortions at city hospitals for women who could not afford it -- no questions asked.
Have I mentioned that I really like Ron Paul?


Jeff Miller said...

I would like Ron Paul much better if he wasn't sympathetic with 9/11 Truthers and nutty about the government being involved in the Kennedy assassination.

KaleJ said...

I saw that and was not impressed by Makin's attack on Paul. Not sure about the tie to the Truthers, but based on Makin's over the top attack, seems the establishment is getting uncomfortable.

Dr. Paul may make comments in that stick a couple toes in the deep end now and then, but can you name someone else running that is not purely politician? Huckabee would be close. Hunter too, but he is a bit too hawkish for my liking. Regretfully neither of these represents a serious candidate. Paul does.