Thursday, July 26, 2007

Where will the money come from

Creative Minority Report offers some profound financial wisdom to the World Bank.
Well it seems that some women are still having babies and the World Bank is miffed.

Reuters reports that countries are just not contributing enough anymore to 'reproductive programs'. Of course, 'reproductive programs' is big brother speak for contraception and abortion. The exact opposite of reproduction. NewSpeak at its finest. Orwell would be amazed. Anyway, the reason that funds have been drying up for these programs is the dramatic fall in fertility rates in most places.

They aren't getting the money because people aren't having babies anymore. Mission accomplished, right? Not on your life ,or rather your baby's life. Those sub-Saharan Africans still insist upon having babies and the World Bank must put a stop to it.
Read the entire article, it is profound right down to that very last line.

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