Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hypocritical Hypocrisy

A roundup on the revelations of Sen. David Vitter's involvement with a prostitution ring.
Creative Minority Report takes the Washington Post to task for their hypocrisy regarding hypocrisy, Washington Post Hits New Low with Vitter
This is simply a wildly out of bounds and pointedly cruel act on the part of the Washington Post. Did the Post call Bill Clinton's pastor? And what about the vaunted separation of Church vs. State? Is the Post suggesting that his religion and his job are interconnected? Should religion inform their decisions as senators? If they don't think so (which let's face it, they don't) then don't drag someone's religion into it only when it makes you laugh. Talk about hypocrisy.

I understand why the Post believes they can run with this story is because Vitter’s a conservative. They would say they’re not interested in sex per se but the hypocrisy. Notice how many articles are labeling him a Christian conservative. Is infidelity ok if you’re a liberal?
That resonates with some recent thoughts. Why does the separation of Church and State only seem to cut one way. Would separation not mean a wall rather than a one way mirror? Why should the 18 democrats comment on a statement from the Vatican if they think it doesn't pertain to them? Were they admitting they are wrong, but how dare someone point that out to them?
Memo to the Post: Every single person who enters that church from the people in the pews, to the lector, and even the priest is a sinner. Every single one of us. Sin doesn't get you kicked out of church. It is the reason we go to church.
Surprise, people who believe in the Savior need to be saved! How radical is that thinking?
The Opinion Journal puts the same thought in different words in their Best of the Web Today
The reason we have laws at all is not so that "good" people can impose their will on "bad" people, but because everyone has the capacity to do bad things. Thus it's not surprising that moralists sometimes turn out to be hypocrites. They are moralists because they are closely acquainted with the temptation to do wrong.
We are all sinners in need of a Savior. But since the atheistic bent journalists don't recognize the latter, they don't understand the former.

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