Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A blind spot

Looking back at the points Huckabee was making, I wondered if the left bank really doesn't get it, or if they know better but choose to ignore it. "It" being their blind spot to those who would assault people's ability to live a publicly Christian life. "Hate speech" is a buzz word for today, "tolerance" may be losing steam, but was once the only redeeming virtue.

But the failure to notice that one man's/person's tolerance is another's hate speech. Those who preach leftist tolerance usually exclude Christianity from the list of tolerated life-styles. Those who claim speaking out against homosexuality is "hateful" will tolerate many types of ridicule and verbal assault as long as it is directed towards Christianity. Now we can recognize that many Christians fall short of walking the talk. But to generalize that behavior as typical of Christians is to say everyone who wants to protect the environment is an eco-terrorist like the Earth First type. Or to claim every dog lover is an attention seeking PETA member.

It just isn't so.

God doesn't hate homosexuals, but expressing our beliefs about immorality doesn't equate to hate either.

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