Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thin pudding

If the proof is in the pudding, this writer might want to find a better recipe. She is slaying imaginary dragons here, but when looking through brown colored glasses, one's outlook tends to be a bit crappy.

Washington Post Film Critic Upset New Movies Don't Promote Abortion
The Washington Post's film critic Ann Hornaday wants abortion. In the movies, that is. In her July 15 piece Hornaday complains that two box office successes this summer, “Waitress” and “Knocked Up,” feature main characters that are pregnant. Both are unmarried and less than thrilled with their pregnancies. Both have their babies.

“It’s a setup that has some viewers, especially women who came of age in a post-Roe v. Wade America, wondering just what world these movies are living in.

”Hollywood's liberal agenda hangs on a whole lot more than two pregnant characters, whose very pregnancies are the crux of the movie plots.

For Hornaday, really good movies that deal with abortion include the “fearless” “Citizen Ruth,” described as a “scathingly funny satire about abortion politics.”

Yeah, “abortion” and “funny” go together really well.

Hornaday and other feminist, pro-abortion journalists just can't fathom a world – the real world – where some people, regardless of marital status, will choose to carry a pregnancy to term. Will choose to give birth the human being growing within them. Will choose life.

Lots of people are doing it, Ann. In the real world and in the movies.

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