Friday, July 13, 2007

Try it, you might like it

I took the challenge to change the positioning on my mirrors and have found I rather like it. I have always relied heavily on the rearview mirror and get sorta uncomfortable when that view is blocked. And since my side view mirrors were just duplicating this view, why not put them to better use. Here is how to set it up according to Dom
To boil it down, sitting in the driver’s seat, you lean left until your head hits the window. Then set the left side mirror until you just see the rear corner of your car. (Obviously you should only do this when the car is stopped!) Then lean the same distance to the right and repeat with the right side mirror. Now when you’re sitting straight up, the rear view and side mirrors will overlap only a tiny bit and the side mirrors will now show you a lot more of what’s next to you, almost entirely eliminating your blind spots. (Of course, the degree to which the blind spot goes away depends on the particular design of your vehicle.)

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