Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Not customer orientated

Local newspaper columnist asks Why can't -- or why don't -- Catholics sing better?

My response:
First of all, because the Catholic Church has me. I seriously bring down the curve.

But in all honesty, there is an obvious reason. There is a very definite split between the focus of a liturgical church (Catholics, Lutherans...) and the preaching based churches.
Catholics go to church out of duty and desire to honor the Lord on his day. Sadly many are not their because they want to be, but rather they are afraid not to be, or just go because they always have. These tend not to participate heavily.

In essense, the Liturgy is worship.

To a preaching based church, there needs to be a drawing card. The abilities of the pastor in the sermon and Bible study are crucial. So is the "entertainment value" of the services, of which music is a big part. I think a much greater number "want" to be there and their participation and financial contributions are greater. So the choir is more important, paid better and actively recruited.

The services are customer orientated.

So their customer orientated service gives a better "product" where a Catholic Mass or Divine Liturgy has the Eucharist.

And frankly, another reason in my opinion is that much of the OCP music used today in Catholic churches stinks. Give me some chant, some latin and watch the people join in.

And as I said before, I am NOT a customer!

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