Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More on orthodoxy

Amy Welborn has some more thoughts on the labels of "liberal" and "conservative".

Seems like there is growing concern about the limiting of lablels. Mark Shea linked to an article on Crunchy Conservatism yesterday and I wrote something way back in 04 around the elections before I began blogging. I commented Mark's comments yesterday. My basic understanding of people wanting a label is to make it easier on themselves. They don't want to spend time figuring out every item that comes their way. (and the busy-ness of today is one major reason.) If they can apply a label to the speaker and compare it to the label applied to themselves, they are done, either digest or vomit.
I don't like labels except for Roman Catholic. I can trust the Church on teaching faith and morals. If I want too, I can dig deeper and find out the why, but I can zccept that without questioning. To me, that is orthodoxy.

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