Friday, January 27, 2006

This is just irritating

The errors come from assuming too much, perhaps the analysts should have asked some homeskoolers for help. But one thing they did get right, this is why many people live in Idaho.

Study: 6.5 percent of Idaho schoolchildren unaccounted for
Aside from most homoschooled kids knowing not to say “It’s a hugely important question.”, this study is typical fare from acedemia. Attacking freedoms by with falsehoods and making it an emotional issue.

Idaho is one of six U.S. states that require no registration from parents who decide to keep their children out of school and teach them at home. But neither the state nor school districts track homeschooling, so nobody knows for sure how many children are learning somewhere. Kelly estimated there are more than 4,700 homeschooled kids in Idaho.
He used a national estimate that 2.2 percent of all school-age children are homeschooled to come up with a figure of 4,731 homeschooled kids in Idaho.

So Idaho is one of the six states that require no registration. And in a state where freedom-minded people flock to, he uses the national estimate of 2.2 percent of children who are homeschooled? Well with all the large Catholic families I know that homeschool, I might know about half of those "4,700" kids.

And I love the necessary stereotyping of homeskoolers

State Sen. Gary Schroeder has long maintained that many Idaho kids aren’t getting the education they need, and the state should do more to keep track of them. Schroeder, R-Coeur d’Alene, a former chairman of the Senate Education Committee, said a homeschooled teenager who applied for a job at his mail-order business recently had to have his mother fill out the application. Schroeder didn’t hire him.
What about the millions of public school kids that weren't interested in finding a job? Or that couldn't read the paper to find out there was a job opening?

I don't know Sen. Schroeder, but as a politician, I assume he knows what he is talking about with this comment

“I’m not against homeschooling,” Schroeder said. “But you ought to be doing it, not just saying you’re doing it.”

Maybe I was left-behind, or maybe is that lack of critical thinking I developed in public school, but here is the bottom line to me.
10,000 kids
schools generally receive taxpayer money according to a formula based on how many children they have in the classroom


“There’s a huge self-interest in educational institutions wanting to regulate homeschooling, and it isn’t always for the best of the children,”


Anonymous said...

Why aren't these fine Catholic friends sending their children to Catholic Schools. Canon law states that we should support, foster, and attend, and if there isn't one, the effort should be made to get one started.


KaleJ said...

you should know that answer. How many times have you been told "the parents are the primary educators"?

There are many reasons my friend. being a control freak is one of them.

Cost, volunteering with 6 kids, control of the curriculum. Perhaps we should discuss this over a beverage tonight.