Friday, January 20, 2006

Thanks for the reminder

The Curt Jester reminds us what I think Catholic blogging should be about. When we run across stupidity, anti-Catholisism or other goofy stuff, we shouldn't just evoke an emotion and move on. His line, "Don't just sit there, pray."

Mark Shea made some comments about all the ASCII wasted on liturgical fidgetry the other day.

Same thought. If we are blogging to vent and puff up our own pride, then we do harm to our soul. But I commented as follows.

I would speculate that most blogging could be classified as "wasted fretting." In my journey I have tried to move beyond being annoyed at Mass by this crap. But I don't think liturgical hijinks are trivial. I became a member of the Liturgical Committee and spend precious time listening to wasted syllables regarding what music books to buy.

I do this because the Liturgy is where we meet God face to face. I have moved beyond fretting and into action. And like you Mark, I don't consider my ASCII wasted if I am doing my best to help inform others rather than blathering on about myself or venting.

I find the Liturgy issues very important also because I find that poor Liturgy is where many people start to lose their faith.

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