Friday, January 20, 2006

I thought I recognized that look

From the "a bit wacky but fun to relate" file.

Scott Linehan was hired as the St. Louis Ram's head coach. He has some local roots, so local blogger DFO mentioned that Linehan was related (brother-in-law) to Jim Caviezel, from "The Passion of The Christ."

Linehan was the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings when Caviezel was filming the "Passion" and reportedly, he became a big Viking fan during some tough years. A year that included the Vikings losing to the 4 worst teams in the league and capped off by losing to the lowly Cardinal in the season finale to miss the playoffs.

Here is what a Minnesota columnist asked Caviezel

what he thought about to make himself appear in agony during filming of the crucifixion scene. "When I was on the cross, I was thinking about the Minnesota Vikings," Caviezel said. "Whenever they lose, it just rips your heart out."

Not sure Jesus had the same mindset, but at least the suffering looked real.

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