Friday, January 13, 2006

I was wondering about that

With all the accusations of Judge Alito being a bigot because he was a member of the Concerned Alumni of Princeton, I wondered what the real story behind CAP was. Finally, Pat Buchanan answers what I have been wondering.

What were CAP's sins? Headed by National Review publisher William Rusher, CAP had a magazine called Prospect that carried an essay opposing affirmative action and regretting that Princeton had ever gone co-ed.

Yet support for single-sex education, as practiced at Smith and dozens of women's colleges, is hardly a mark of bigotry. And opposition to affirmative action and quotas is core conservative dogma.
As I thought, his membership in CAP was not really a big deal. He joined to protest ROTC being kicked off campus. The BIGOT!

I just wish he could have stood up and said, yes I was a proud member. And then leer at Kennedy and say, "And I hate women. All of them. They are no good except for making babies and cookies."

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