Monday, January 16, 2006

People I don't know, things I've heard.

Found another internationally flavored Catholic blog. This one from down under. Credibility has an interesting take on Pope BXVI's recommended reading. Tip to the Jester.

Further down on Credo's blog, I ran across a link to another Aussie Catholic blogger, John Heard, aka Dreadnought. This one is worth the read. Dreadnought was discussing why he, being homosexual, feels he may approach the altar for communion while he discerns that the Rainbow Sash group should not.

You approach your God, instead of in a position of radical humility and submission and putting everything about selfish humanity aside and approaching God in that way, putting on a sash says "**** the Church, y'know - look at me."

and the essential difference between a "the struggling sinner" vs. the "look at me" approach.

It's different because I say the Church is right and I say that I submit myself to these teachings, and I'm trying to change myself. Y'know, I would go up to confession and confess things that I've done. The Rainbow Sashers don't. They say "we should be able to do whatever we like, and the Vatican should put a stamp on it."
Confession? You don't say. You mean there are more sacraments than the Eucharist?

Funny you never see anyone wearing their rainbow sash in the confession line.

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