Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I am NOT a customer

The Curt Jester comments on an article from the Church Executive. Right or wrong about schools and hospitals, it brings an interesting point about churches. Does your church try to please the customer (the larger number, the better) rather than proclaim the truth? Our priest continues to impress me with his homilies. But the RE, now called the Faith (misin)Formation, continues to drag kids through the warm, fuzzy, no-such-thing-as-sin teachings that only shape them to be future warm, fuzzy RE directors.

In the effort not to offend anyone, does it matter that I am offended? I am not a consumer, this is not a cafeteria, I am Catholic!

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eric said...

Right on Kale!
I was at an RCIA meeting the other night and a series of 3 questions was asked, 1. What did we think of God as a Child, 2 as a teen, 3 then as an adult?
The questions were asked after the presenters described how they had such fear of God as children and how He became so much more as an adult, most saying how they learned he was forgiving. I found that curious as it applied to the religious Education people at my parish who it seems that because of their fearful view of God as a youth so traumatised them that they are compelled to make way to soft and fuzzy for a child to have a mutually beneficial relationship with Him.
When i pondered the three questions I found that I had become more aquanted with God as i grew but he never changed from a monster to a good buddy. He always stayed the same for me in that I knew that he knew what i had done or thought and as i would with my parents i would remain faithful and honest. Certainly there were times we, me, my parents, and even God might not have seen eye to eye but true honest love travels over hilly terrain sometimes and while we may disapoint from time to time the love remains constant.
The point is God isn't the same for everyone so ones trauma may seem stainge to anothers bliss. Thus we have the Church, the Magisterium guided by the Holy Spirit to help us to the bliss of the love of God and love for God. Why can't some folks follow the teaching that considers everyone and not the potentially distorted views of someones past.