Monday, September 26, 2005

Truth? What is truth?

Amy Welborn hits it on head in her article, Sins of the Seminary. The upcoming investigation isn't just about homosexuality, but in regards to those 2 sentences in the 11 page document:

Why is it considered unfair to expect priests and seminarians to live by the values of the institution they serve? Others may call it a purge, but I call it truth in advertising.

As I often have said, if you wanna change God's rules, you form your own church, keep it going for 2000 years and then we will talk. At which point I will point you to a Church that has been around 4000 years.

Amy also points out that this investigation is about proper formation of the priests. Priests who are ordained to down the Eucharist for the service of the faithful.
But a seminary also owes us, the people in the pews, psychologically mature priests who aren't engaged in an eternal and ego-driven struggle with their own problems, who are prepared to serve, to teach and preach - with integrity and honesty.

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