Wednesday, September 21, 2005

But what about feelings

Mark Shea says it well, better than I could hope to try in regards to the "gay outrage" at the coming "inquisition"

As I noted last week, the sacrament under discussion here is Holy Orders not Baptism, Confirmation, or Eucharist. But you'd never know it from reading Sullivan. The way Andy tells it, you'd swear Benedict was ordering all people with homosexual temptations out of the Church--and possibly into concentration camps--not simply saying, "We think it would be a reasonable idea not to put the parish AA group in charge of buying the communion wine."
As a man who is just as barred from the priesthood as any person with homosexual temptation (because Rome likewise deems that my situation as a married man would interfere with the task of the priesthood), I continue to agree with Arch-Conservative Amy that *nobody*, gay or straight, should look at the priesthood either as a civil right or as a vehicle for working out their personal issues. It is a sacrament ordered to the service of the Eucharist.
And as a fellow barred-from-priesthood layman, I find the Church within her right to protect children from those who express their SSA with young boys.

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