Tuesday, November 15, 2005


For all those who are concerned about SCOTUS nominee Alito's stance on abortion, relax.

And a side note to those on the other side claiming this should disqualify him, read this and shut-up:

"Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a long history of advocacy on behalf of liberal causes, but she was evaluated on her 13-year record as a federal judge and her jurisprudence, not her belief that there was a constitutional right to prostitution or polygamy."

Now, what is with the apparent contradiction with Alito's beliefs and rulings? As some have taken the pain to point out, the SCOTUS isn't just about abortion. Roe v. Wade was judicial usurpation. The case was a fraud and the ruling had no basis in the constitution.

Those of us who have been fighting for good judges (and pressuring poor appointments to withdraw) are not just looking for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. There are so many cases where judicial activism is tearing our country down by the foundation. Lawrence v. Texas, another fraud case that was setup to destroy marriage. The Massachusetts court mandating the legislature to create a law.

This is about appointing judges that will judge according to the constitution and work within the checks and balances of our Judicial system.

Judge Alito has a personal belief that abortion is wrong. But rightly or wrongly, the Supreme Court has set the precedence that abortion is legal. Alito recognized that he was not the sole arbitrator of the law, but a judge within a system. And as a lower level judge, he followed the rulings that set precedence from above, despite his personal belief. Oh, would that more judges would realize it isn't about them.

Once confirmed to the HIGHEST court in the land, he may correctly rule based on the constitution. He will help set the precedent, and rightly so.

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