Tuesday, November 29, 2005

In the same breath

I often wonder on the hypocricy and why the media loves this so much. But then I remember those who are not with Christ are against Him.

The MSM has had a field day publishing the rants of former priests who were either, a.) not truly called to be priests, or b.) failed to live up to their calling. These former priests rail against the Church and point out her flaws with a viciousness that reminds me of someone who is so wrong, they are trying to convince themselves of the lies also.

In article 1, Kinkel asks

What's wrong with being a gay priest? If you're celibate, as the Catholic Church already requires you to be, then what's the difference if you're gay or straight at heart?
What is wrong? His logic first of all. Celibacy means forgoing marriage. Homosexuals do that by choice, the real issue is chastity. And if they are chaste and not militantly "pro-gay" then the document on seminary formation does not restrict them from the priesthood. But if you proclaim yourself "gay" you are essentially saying you are proud of your sin and unrepentent. Sinful pride and unrepentence should be exclude one from the seminary also.

In article 2, Steir goes a step further. And this is my main beef. If someone wants to change an organization from within, here is a tip. Put down the shotgun and listen. They claim they want to help solve the priest shortage and think the Vatican should consider married priests, then in the same breath throw out the standard dissident line about women priests.

It is so easy to ignore a person when they keep beating on a wall that is sealed and shut. Women priests are impossible in the Church and Rome has made that clear. If you want to be taken seriously, PLEASE leave the dead horse at home.

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