Wednesday, November 09, 2005

From the not so fat and happy

Come another view on why CAFTA and all the free "trade" agreements are bad for the poor of other countries.

CAFTA did not come down from God. It is the flawed work of man, and only one of many versions of how our nations could be linked. I thank those members of the U.S. Congress who voted against CAFTA. They desire trade with fairness, justice and morality. They rise against the Bush administration’s threats to cut off our existing trade preferences so as to force Central American approval of this trade agreement. They yearn for a country that cooperates with, not presides over, its neighbors in the Western hemisphere.

Funny how the peasant farmers of Guatemala find time to be informed and protest these steps to global tyranny, but ask any affluent American about CAFTA and you get a blank stare.

Kudo's to Bishop Álvaro Ramazzini for a thoughtful and well written article. Here is a bishop truly concerned about the poor.

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