Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The bitter pill

A thought provoking article at Christianity Today.

Dying to self isn't easy. Especially when the culture surrounding us promotes the worship of self so completely.

Could the little pill have stood for more than just a chance to get a fiscally responsible life before opening it up to stinky diapers? Could [the pill] have changed not just the hormonal makeup of my cells, but also what cannot be seen under a microscope? Could it have served as one more safety lock on the door not just to my womb, but also to my figure, my marriage, my home, my career, my gym routine?

Here she hit the basic erroneous assumption of contraception

After taking care of that divine mess, she gave a lecture on the eugenics-rooted assumptions that have led Western Christians like me to view children—and even the possibility of their arrival—as an inconvenient interruption. Why, she asked, do we feel the need to perfectly time and fit children into our busy schedules? Is this a Christian instinct?"Only in a small number of cultures do we have the idea that adults should do their work, worship, and entertainment without the presence of children," she says.
As the song goes, "it ain't easy being easy." And that is especially true when we are submitting to God's will over our own.
Ah, baby clothes. Living in the space where human and divine freedoms overlap doesn't come easy, so my first reaction to her offer was weak-throated: gulp.

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