Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Anti-name calling to avoid losing an argument

From another blogs comments, where I was accused of being anti-intellectual.

My rebuttal
First, define anti-intellectual. Second, prove that I am that.

I find the use of the word to be a cop out. Many times when someone has no reply, they expose their shallow argument by name calling or throwing out an "ism" or "anti". For example, calling those conservatives who opposed Miers sexist. Or calling someone who isn't progressive anti-intellectual.

I am actually very intellectual about my faith. Sometimes too much so. My struggle often comes in feeling in my heart what I know in my head. I read when I have the time, enjoy reading and learning about my faith. I have listened to numerous tapes and CDs to learn my faith.

What I understand you to be saying is I don't follow the progressive mantra that the hierarchy is bad. And since many of the progressives are so-called intellectuals with PHDs, therefore I must be anti-intellectual.

On the contrary, as I have said before, true learning, true knowledge will lead us to Christ. I find many of these "intellectuals" to be leading people away from Christ, often because they don't like sharing the spotlight even with God.

Tell me how many people Fr. McBrien has brought to Christ. How many have really deepened their relationship with God because of him? I find him directing people to a self-worship.

Compare that to how many people have come to Christ because of Scott Hahn, Marcus Grodi and such. True conversion, true discipleship means dying to self, not promoting self.

I find the abortion/contraception crowd trying to fill that God shaped hole with earthly pleasure. Trying to put the self in that God shaped hole.

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