Monday, November 14, 2005

Ahh, relief is in sight

For those yearning for a more reverent liturgy, help may be on the way. Although the Vatican typically moves at a snails pace, the Pope encourages quick completion of English Mass translation.

...the new translation from Latin will allow the English-speaking faithful around the world to "benefit from the use of liturgical texts accurately rendered."

...will succeed in transmitting the treasures of the faith and the liturgical tradition in the specific context of a devout and reverent eucharistic celebration.
I heard a bit on this on Catholic Answers Live also. The guest (forgive me, I don't recall the name) said that this was in response to some requested changes by the American bishops.

As one who suffers from knowing what the proper translations should be, yet unable to do much about it; all I can say is, HOORAY!

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