Friday, November 04, 2005

Clarification please

In the WND article, the Church appears to give credence to evolution as worthy to believe.

This is true, at least partially. The Church accepts the scientific theory of evolution. It does not take the next step most "evolutionists" take in proclaiming God is not needed.

From John Allen's interview with Professor Nicola Cabibbo:

What clashes with divine creation is an extension of the theory of evolution
into materialistic interpretations, the so-called "evolutionism." What
evolutionism says, and here I'm thinking about people such as Dawkins, is that
there's no need for God. But that is not science, it's not part of what has been
discovered by science.
So, if we read the deeper into the article we see,
We know where scientific reason can end up by itself: the atomic bomb and the
possibility of cloning human beings are fruit of a reason that wants to free
itself from every ethical or religious link,
So the sum of this is, faith in God as Creator is not opposed to science. True science will lead us to discover God. What we see in today's world is the evolutionists are crossing the boundary of science into faith. They are saying because of science, we can reason there is no God. Perhaps they would be better served to stay in the lab and out of preaching. Evolution is not a religion, it is a theory. Prove it to me in a lab and I will believe it. We are talking science, I will not accept it on faith.

Church says science and intellect is useful as long as it is not detached from religion.

Evolutionists say science doesn't need religion or God.

Who is being unreasonable here?

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