Friday, November 11, 2005

Catholics and sports, a fresh look

Here is the original article about the Vatican taking a look into the Christian mission role in sports.

Here is a sampling the Daily Eudemon's take.

The Holy Three: Owner, Player, Agent
Liturgical Dance in the End Zone
Forgiving the Father Who Stabs You for Not Playing His Son in Tee Ball
Soccer Moms: Possessed or Devoted?
Helping Pros Who Receive the Minimum $350,000.00 Annual Salary
And I will add

Press Conference Preaching
How to Claim God's Help in Victory Without Insulting Thy Opponent
Know It, Love It, Serve Me; Tales of an Obsessive Parent
Smack Talkin' In All Charity
How Deion Sanders Found god, and his name was Deion.
There is no Deity without Dei[on]

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