Monday, October 29, 2007

statistician and politicians

There could be a debate between which is a better liar. But I would have to say that statistician, as opposed to the politicians, are generally using numbers to work towards a solution. But when a politician turns statistician, you can generally turn the channel.

Looks like the pro-abortion crown doesn't even believe Giuliani. Abortion Advocate Says Rudy Giuliani's Adoption Claims "Unsupportable"
But Richards says the increase in adoptions Giuliani refers to is children in the city's foster care system and "not in the rate at which women were continuing unwanted pregnancies and placing their infants for adoption rather than having abortions."

So as the saying goes, there are lies, damn lies and damn politicians using statistics. Of course we could always go to the tape for the proof.
Earlier this month, Fordham University political science professor Bruce Berg reviewed all the tapes of Mayor Giuliani's press conferences dating back to 1996 and said he never once saw the mayor promote adoption.

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