Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Political question

Franklin raises the question over at Catholic Dads. Sound Off: Giuliani Vs. Clinton
A lot has been made lately of a potential Giuliani nomination for President by the Republican party. I know that Thoughts of a Regular Guy has been quite vocal about it. Recently I posted some thoughts at FrankPeach.Com - A Vote For Giuliani Is A Vote For Hillary, as to why we cannot support Giuliani even in the general election. EyeHacker Blog responded why he disagreed and would instead Hold his Noise and vote for Giuliani.

I wanted to know what other Catholic Dads thought. So here's a chance to sound off, please keep the discourse civil, and grant that there is room for disagreement on the issue.

As I have watched most of the GOP debates, I have looked hard into the candidates from a solid Catholic perspective.

I had high hopes for Brownback, but as solid as he is on life, he is just as committed to big government. Pro-life amendments and pro-marriage amendments at the federal level isn't the answer.

Huckabee is a bit more charismatic version of Brownback. More likeable, pro-life but still big government.

Giuliani is anti-Catholic in most of his stances. And he is simply a slimy politician in my book. No better than Romney or Clinton in their changing appearances.

Ron Paul is the only one I could support right now. He speaks honestly rather than looking for that 6 O'clock news sound bite.

It wouldn't save the world and make all the wrongs right, but it sure would shake up the political establishment in Washington.

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