Monday, October 29, 2007

acting accordingly

I can already hear the rants from the other side. Condemning people based on their belief, of how could they be so intolerant and hateful.
Imposing "Tolerance"

Vincent Matherick and his wife Pauline are registered as foster parents in Somerset County. They are also ministers at the non-conformist South Chard Christian Church. They were recently informed by authorities that they must obey laws that require them to treat homosexuality as equal to heterosexuality.

The couple told the Telegraph that they would neither condemn nor condone homosexuality, and that they could not actively promote it because of their religious beliefs.
Nevermind they were not being intolerant or condemning homosexuality, but merely not willing to promote it to the foster children. The brazen nerve of them Christians. Just who do they think they are having opinions and holding to their beliefs?
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor ... maintained that, "freedom of religion is much more than the freedom to worship; it is the freedom to act according to that belief in the service of others."
The obvious effect of weeding out good foster parents and forcing agencies to stop offering adoption services if they won't comply to the indoctrination is that more and more children will be left in the care of the State. Where they should be of course, because big brother is kinder, more loving and obviously more "tolerant" than any human parents would be.

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