Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sacred or scared

The delightfully witty Ironic Catholic has a Ponderous Question: Has Anyone Had A Sacred Family Meal In This Century?

Mealtime with kids is more running scared than looking for the sacred. I think we have had one(1). We spent the entire day working on a Seder meal. It actually turned out wonderful and I will cherish it for a long time. Easy to pick that one out because it stands alone.

The rest...yeah. 6 picky kids (paybacks are ...) so our meals are either bland or filled with complaints about "picy". One very slow eater, he is blind so he doesn't visually see how much food is left or how little he has eaten. Coupled with everyone enjoying a good tale, especially their own, meals shave time off purgatory at best. More often they likely add to purgatory if we make it there, yet leave us yearning for the day.

I must say "Eat!" about forty times a meal. I sometimes find myself saying "eat!" when I mean other things like "do your homework" or "hurry up."

So, yeah, sacred mealtimes happen about once a decade for us. But this is supposed to make us holy, right? Perhaps that is why I find my wife "off in her own little world" when I get home from work.

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