Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I find this rather unbelievable. Volleyball Team Finds Deer Carcass On Bus - San Antonio News Story - KSAT San Antonio
Members of the Comfort High School Whitetail Deer volleyball team came across the remains of a dead deer after playing a game against Blanco High School.

Not the dead deer, but that a school could be named Comfort High School Whitetail Deer. Rural American humor isn't always well understood by the urban folks. My nephew had a similar incident that ended with the police being involved.

Seems someone decided to tie a dead deer on the back of his pickup truck. He didn't notice until he stopped in town and some young gal went off on him, blaming him of course and threatening to call the police. He pretty much ignored her and when talking to the police about it later, they got a chuckle out of it and asked him to dispose of it.

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