Friday, October 05, 2007

Seems I have been remiss

In my duty. No not blogging duties, but duties as a Catholic parent.

Seems many good Catholics still don't know about some vaccines that were created using aborted babies.

Subvet over at Catholic Dads asked Does anyone have information on this? earlier today.
I feel like I'm opening a can of worms but here goes.

Anybody know about the use of fetal tissue for the generation of vaccines for common childhood ailments? When I first heard of it I asked my wife (pediatric RN) and was told she'd never come across anything about it. The diseases mentioned included those I got vaccination for back in the '50's, long before our culture of death got up and running in a serious way. For that reason I was willing to write it off as one more conspiracy theory, probably on the same level as the one stating we never made a Moon landing. But it keeps cropping up on various Catholic sites I go to, some of them are fairly solid in their approach to things.
The Children of God for Life site has great factual information about this topic. And the un-tainted alternatives.

As noted above, it is easy to write this off as a wacko conspiracy theory, but it just ain't so. Difficult as it is to come to grips that your child may have received cells from an aborted baby, it doesn't negate the truth. We didn't find out until after our fourth child had been injected with tainted vaccines. My wife was about sick when we found out. It has been a rough road trying to convince doctors (even Christian ones) that this was true, but it is as simple as looking at the product insert.

And the COG site isn't some off the wall avoid all vaccinations site. They have worked (we participated) to get a Japanese version of the Rubella vaccine authorized for use in the US. There is no approved Rubella vaccine that is not tainted.


Subvet said...

Your response to my post on Catholic Dad's was an eyeopener.

It was with the thought that vaccines to fight these problems had been available long before Roe v. Wade that aided in my own disregard of an evidently valid claim. At one time something other than fetal tissue had to be used, correct? What is the history behind the shift?

I'd like to know this for my own upcoming discussion with my wife, a non-Catholic who will need some convincing on this subject. She's avidly anti-abortion but this is something they didn't cover in her nursing school.

As for myself, right now I keep thinking of lampshades and soap made in Nazi concentration camps. Bleagh!

Anonymous said...

Fundamental, Right-wing sites never have 'great factual information' about anything, especially if it is concerning the ill-named 'Culture of Death'.

KaleJ said...

They at least have facts and their reputation behind their stand. Name calling from an anonymous source isn't exactly swaying.