Friday, October 26, 2007

Attention getters

Matthew at CMR has a couple posts worth noting. Actually all if his posts are worth reading, but first a comment on this one.

Atheists Host Pornographic Christian Art Exhibit.
...have you ever noticed that atheists nowadays tend to be more evangelistic than believers? Look at the comment boxes in religious blogs. You can't go too far without stumbling upon some atheist with something to say. I've never gone to an atheist site to yell at them.

It's an odd thing to be so pushy about a negative which is what atheism is, though. The International Federation of Atheists is a group of atheists and they do what it seems atheists do -which is to speak incessantly of religion.
Rather odd. A bunch of people who supposedly want nothing to do with religion going to see an exhibit about religion. I suppose they want attention, the poor things. If they would just become Christians they'd realize that Someone is paying quite close attention and they wouldn't have to be so outrageous and silly.
Reminds me when the archbishop Fulton Sheen encountered a lady ranting against Christians in his church. He thanked her for confirming that Christ existed, much to her dismay. He pointed out that nobody rants against belief in some imaginary character.

To paraphrase both Matthew and Sheen, it has to be something real and significant to get this many people so worked up.

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