Monday, June 26, 2006

ICEL, you sell, we all sold our souls

That is about where this whole liturgy issue has driven some of us.  For awhile it made going to Mass and focusing on the reason for being there very difficult.  Now for me it just is a nuisance when I notice silly or careless abuses.  But for others I know, it can turn a good Sunday Mass into a frustrating headache.
How much grace is lost because someone's ego is leading others to temptation and many to sin?
Fr. Stephanos gives us some examples of why we need the texts re-translated, What's at stake in the new translation.
He also links this article by Michael Foley, The Language of Prayer .

The Rev. Lawrence J. Madden, director of the Georgetown Center for Liturgy, dislikes the new and more accurate translation because "It isn't the English we speak. It's becoming more sacred English, rather than vernacular English."
Foley points out that that is THE point.  My thoughts, "umm, for the sake of your argument, you might want to recant that last sentence."
Thus, if English is to convey sacred mysteries, there should be a "sacred English." The very word we use for everyday speech, "profane," comes from pro-fano, "outside the temple." If Catholics wish to make the world Christ's temple, as Pope Benedict recently put it, they must first be careful not to make Christ's temple the world.
Yes indeed.  But the current ending to our English Mass has us doing just that.  With Christ present in our bodies we are told, "Go in peace, the Mass is ended."  And we respond heartily, "Thanks be to God!"  Bottom-line, were done and outta here, Alleluia. 
According to my knowledge, a more correct translation of "et missa"** should be, "Go you are sent."
That would be taking Christ out into the world and making it into his image.  Now we make the temple of God into our image so we can "understand" it.
**Forgive my limited Latin if this is the incorrect spelling.
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