Friday, June 23, 2006

By fits and jerks

Most of us have the opportunity to become saints. We usually just don't recognize the opportunity or fail to act. When we do gather up the courage it is often small or seemingly insignificant. Therefore we travel the road to heaven by small fits and jerks. Once in a while the grace breaks through our fallen nature and we get to see a glimpse of the Divine plan for us.

One man took a big stride in his journey to heaven recently. He was elected to the Colorado House of Representative, a responsibility larger than most of us will ever dare undertake. I think many politicians start with ideas of doing good with their responsibility, but the lure of power leads them astray. This man saw his opportunity to travel by the narrow path, despite the potential costs.

He challenged the powerful and many thanks to him and the brave young lady involved. I won't ruin the story with an snippets or any more comments.

And God help us on our journey along the narrow path.

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