Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How do we know we don't know?

Following the lines of my ever recurring thought of When will you restore the Kingdom, Lord; Mark Shea at Catholic Exchange lets us know we are in the Golden Age.  Even if it doesn't look like it.  What Council is he referring to here?
"a huge number of bishops, as well as most the cultured elite, had more or less given up trying to actually live by the teaching of the Council."
Would you believe, Nicaea?  And Peter himself didn't always live up to his Holy Spirit filled proclamation at the Council of Jerusalem.    What can we as laity do two centuries later if the First Pope and Apostle couldn't even hold up to the standards of the Church? 
Pray and fast for our Bishops would be a good start.  Live our own lives so they may not give scandal.  Then pray some more. 
And rest assured that, as the Curt Jester says, the heretics of today aren't as innovative as the early ones so we can trust in the teachings of the Church to guide us.

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