Monday, June 05, 2006


Is there some strange correlation between the Jewish county in Idaho and the county that refers to soft drinks and soda?
Probably, but less sinister than one might imagine. Here is an update from the "Mapping religion in America" site on the Idaho anomily.

The "puzzling" county in Idaho with a larger than expected Jewish population is Blaine County, home of the Sun Valley ski resort. Blaine County is populated with many transplants from California, which accounts for the demographic differences between it and the rest of Idaho. I think the ski-resort factor can also be applied to the areas in central Colorado with high percentage of Jews.

Blaine is the same county that prefers "Soda" which would be explained by the California influence. How long before Kootenai is overrun by "Soda" drinkers?

I find these studies of culture interesting. Especially in the Lake of the Woods county in Minnesota where 2 of the 3 respondents chose "other" because they had never heard of any of the 3 choices.

Now if someone would superimpose this on the religion map and see if there is a broader correlation...

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