Sunday, January 28, 2007

5 random things meme

A blogging first, I have now been tagged with the 5 random things about me meme by Chris at callingromehome. So here goes.

1. I have two brothers with the same birthday but I am not a triplet. I am actually a twin and we were born on an older brother's golden birthday, The 12th.

2. I spent my first 8 years of school in a one room country school house. The first 4 years, we had no indoor plumbing. Outdoor toilets in North Dakota winters are not a fond memory.

3. And after that comment, it may be surprising to know that I am younger than 35.

4. I proposed to my wife while driving home in a blizzard.

5. And similar to Chris's #5, I also have rarely been visibly upset. My wife sometimes wonders if I have a pulse.

And although he was recently tagged with a similar meme, I am tagging James at the Daily Brouhaha and Eric at Square Zero. (since they didn't tag me in the weirdness one.)

1 comment:

James said...

thanks, Kale! I've just written a rather serious post on my blog I'll wait a week or too till I post yet more trivia about me to my fanbase (!) ...
thanks for the tag.

and nice looking kids. ;o)