Monday, January 29, 2007

Reserved for the elect few

Yosemite Lawsuit Could Limit Park Access-AOL News
In November, a federal judge barred crews from finishing $60 million in
construction projects in Yosemite Valley, siding with a small group of
environmentalists who sued the federal government, saying further
commercial development would bring greater numbers of visitors, thus
threatening the Merced's fragile ecosystem
So we should preserve our national parks so everyone can enjoy the pristine beauty, but we really shouldn't allow people to enjoy them. Unless you are part of the "more than equal" to paraphrase from the big brother book "1984".

Of course, we all should still pay for these "parks" because they are "ours", but heaven forbid they actually get upgrades so they can bring some cash in.

Bottom line here:
The Merced itself is protected under the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
Go look up the Wild and Scenic Rivers act if you are running short on conspiracy material. It is insane what the environ wackos want to do with our country.

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