Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Holy" First Communion

Dom provides a link to another fight over First Communion.  And as usual, the kid gets dragged into a big mess.  I wonder how many of these "examples" retain their faith or remember this as the holy day it is.
One quote I find interesting. 
she wants to fully understand what it means
If she doesn't already understand that, her parents have failed in their duty.
Our 9 year old son is blind and the RE department went out of their way to get a Braille version of the curriculum.  I went to every class with him so as not to burden the instructors who had no clue about Braille.  (I at least have a cursory knowledge and was able to help him find his place.)
But Dom's point is correct.  Parents are too willing to hand over their children and the DREs and leaders are so willing to be elevated to that level of "essential".

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