Monday, January 08, 2007

funding death

Pro-Lifers: Reconsider Embryonic Stem Cell Research Vote Over Amniotic Find
researchers have been able to successfully manipulate stem cells found in the amniotic fluid of a pregnant woman that have many properties of embryonic stem cells.

They have been able to grow the cells into various tissue types -- the big benefit often cited for embryonic cells -- but without the tumors that accompany the injected of embryonic cells or the destruction of human life needed to obtain them.

this sounds like a win-win for everyone. Except those that make a living off killing babies. Oh and those that make a living of bilking taxpayers to support the baby killers.

Funny how the ESCR folks keep promising results, yet they have to keep begging for more tax dollars to fund their work. If they produced results, the science would pay for itself.

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