Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Maccabeen warriors

The New Liturgical Movement: "Horizontalism … Does Damage to Catholic Faith and Worship" via the Curt Jester
Primary among the duties of a higher liturgical institute is to be a beacon of light in matters liturgical. ... It throws light on the close link between theology and liturgy, between the faith of the Church and the celebration of the mysteries of Christ, between the "lex credendi" and the "lex orandi."
And why we do(1 Mac 1:21) (liturgy geeks, or the Maccabeen warriors as some prefer.) what we do(1 Mac 2:23-25), why we care(1 Mac 2:27).
the sacred liturgy is a gift we receive from Christ through the Church. It is not something that we invent. It has therefore unchangeable elements which come from our Savior Jesus Christ, as in the essential forms of the sacraments, and changeable elements which have been carefully handed on and guarded by the Church.
Now to be fair, there are many reasons for abuse,
Many abuses in matters liturgical are based, not on bad will but on ignorance, because they "involve a rejection of those elements whose deeper meaning is not understood and whose antiquity is not recognized" ("Redemptionis Sacramentum," No. 9). Thus some abuses are due to an undue place given to spontaneity, or creativity, or to a wrong idea of freedom, or to the error of horizontalism which places man at the center of a liturgical celebration instead of vertically focusing on Christ and his mysteries.
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