Friday, March 10, 2006

Thoughts on Worker bees

Steve over at the Fifth Column has an interesting rant on worker bees.

Since we must conceed that Roe v. Wade has determined that a child is not created at the time of conception, men's roles are changing. Men don't have any say if the blob of tissue lives or dies, so lets carry this thought on.

Men don't get pregnant. Men don't create children. Men simply provide sperm. They provide one-half of a set of blueprints. The woman provides not only the other half, but the building site, the construction materials, she oversees the project, and she can destroy the whole thing anytime she wants. The man has got nothing to do with it. The existence of a child is not his responsibility - he has no choice, he's done nothing to create responsibility except have sex, and we already know that the decision to have sex is not a decision to have children, nor does it create a child.
So, men have nothing to do with creating the child? It is merely an act of the will of the woman when she really wants a child. Got it.
If you really believe that men don't have a right to a voice simply because they don't get pregnant, then you darn well ought to support the demolition of existing child support laws. After all, as you say, this child-creation business has nothing to do with men.
Whoa, that isn't the direction we were headed.
In both cases, the child exists only because the woman decides to allow it to exist.
Ahh, yes. every child, a wanted child. BUT if the man doesn't want "it", it looks like he is off the hook!

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