Monday, March 06, 2006

Clarification on the Ave Maria town

Sounds like the AP story got a bit carried away, piecing together comments from Monaghan and making assumptions that his hopes and desires would be enforced by law.

Monaghan and the other leaders of this seem to be setting the record straight on what they said and what their plans are for the town that will grow around the Ave Maria university.

"We'll control what we can control. We won't do anything illegal," Monaghan told The News-Press on Feb. 19 at the official kickoff of the campus construction....
"We can't restrict people's conduct by ordinance. This is a section of Collier County, and we are going to have Collier County ordinances, Collier County schools and so on," said Nick Healy, university president, who also was in the New York contingent.

Looks like the ACLU will have to put away their double-barrel shotgun and live with the fact that there are Christians and even Catholics that want to live according to their faith.

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