Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Nailing the boomers

The Anchoress finds that Chesterton nailed it on the boomers long before they were born.

The aged younger generation never knew why it knocked at the door; and the truth is that it only knocked at the door because it was shut. It had nothing to say; it had no message; it had no convictions to impart to anybody…. for he never had any conviction except that he was young, and that is not a conviction that strengthens with years.”
tip to Closed Cafeteria


TJ said...
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TJ said...

Very insightful! I just posted some quick thoughts on boomer retirement at my blog, and ran across yours after a quick search. I would be so grateful if you'd join the fray.

Feel free to link to your blog and the one you quoted at BravoBox.