Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Newly discovered cross reshapes Christianity

localhost, March 7 (NAP) Experts have begun to unearthed evidence that the "traditional" cross embraced by Christians may not resemble the real cross that Jesus bore. This new archeological find has yet to be confirmed by the Vatican, but already many Catholics are embracing this new cross.

WeAreChurch has released a statement confirming their support of this find: "It confirms Our beliefs all along, the 'traditional' cross was incompatible with the Jesus We know. How could he have embraced the Second Greatest Commandment from such a lofty perch? This cross shows a much more personal JC."

"The relative size of the horizontal bar [to the vertical beam] affirms our belief in the personal Jesus. And not having to deal with that vertical part until We are nice and comfy with ourselves, that, that is a biggie for Us."

More is sure to come as this historic dig continues.

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