Wednesday, December 05, 2007

word games

Funny how the "tolerant left" is so intolerant of anyone who doesn't agree with them. Those that want us to tolerate any sort of repulsive behavior won't allow anyone to speak against them because "someone may be offended". Irony Alert: Catholic Disallowed to Speak About Intolerance Toward Catholics
The Royal Commonwealth Society barred a well-known Roman Catholic commentator from attacking intolerance towards Christians at its annual carol service.

Cristina Odone, a writer and editor on religion, was to be one of the "celebrity readers" at a service in St Martin in the Fields church in central London next month, which is attended by diplomats and politicians.

She intended to speak about how secularists are intolerant of those of faith. But she was told that those words were inappropriate and then told she couldn't speak.

"I am incandescent," said Odone after being told that the words she had written were "not appropriate because the congregation would include people of little or no faith who presumably would be upset. Even more insultingly, I was asked instead to read a passage from Bertrand Russell, a militant atheist."

She developed the theme of secular intolerance towards believers of all faiths, from the British Airways worker suspended for wearing a cross to the Muslim schoolgirl banned from wearing the veil.

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