Friday, December 07, 2007

Pulling the plug

Michael Shaivo has disbanded his PAC he formed to "oust pro-life lawmakers". It looks like it was on extraordinary means of life support. Perhaps he can explain to the FEC that he expected it to hang on without support for a little longer.
In an indication that activity at TerriPAC began to fade in the days leading up to Michael's announcement he was disbanding it, the PAC has only taken in a little over $1,100 in donations since July.

Schiavo says on the group's web site that the PAC limited his ability to speak out about his viewpoint on Terri's death and that he doesn't like asking for money for the political group to continue.

"After nearly three years, it’s clear that I can remain engaged in the political process and social debate and in fact do more – speak out more often and tackle related issues –without the legal constraints of a PAC," he explained.

"Traveling around the country, making political donations and keeping up with the required legal paperwork takes funds," he said. "But to keep the process moving we have to keep asking for money."

Schiavo claims the PAC was a success at ousting more than a dozen pro-life members of Congress even though it only contributed to a handful of candidates because of poor funding.
Okay, enough of the euphemisms . But did anyone really think Shiavo would remain committed for very long? And it isn't like there was a need for another anti-pro-life PAC.

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