Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The things some will say

To rationalize one of their own doing something illegal. This president of the Atlanta chapter of NACCP is obviously drinking some local kool-aid.
"Michael Vick has received more negative press than if he had killed a human being."

"His crime is, it was a dog," White said.
I'll give him the benefit on the negative press. Leonard Little of St. Louis was guilty of manslaughter due to driving under the influence and didn't get nearly the bad press. But to claim it was just that Vick's victim was a dog? Little didn't ram his SUV into traffic and then get out and drowned those who survived while taking bets on them. Vick's problem with the Feds isn't because he kicked a stray dog, it has to do with an interstate gambling operation on illegal activities. Killing the dogs in horrific fashion certainly didn't sway the public to his defense, but it wasn't simply killing a dog.

Then our genius Mr. White said
he does not support dogfighting and that he considers it as bad as hunting.
while NBA whiner Stephon Marbury calls dogfighting a sport. (from what he hears of course.)

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Anonymous said...

Stephon Marbury obvoiusly has no clue was to wht illegal dog fighting is or what deer hunting is for that matter. What an idiot.

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