Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More wisdom of Fr. Corapi

I got a chance to listen to Fr. Corapi on Sacred Heart radio this morning (AM 970 in the Spokane/CdA area). Always worth the time even though today was only a few minutes.

He was talking about prayer and related a story about Mother Theresa correcting a priest that said he was so busy he didn't have time to pray anymore. The bit of wisdom also fits for parents as their family grows in size or also grows in activity as the kids get older. Her words were, if your vocation in growing or the burden is growing, how can you not have time to receive the strength to bear it. It is precisely then that you need more prayer, not less.

Fr. Corapi also pointed out that this is when we learn to rise earlier in the morning. He said Jesus can raise the dead in many different ways. Definitely words of wisdom that I need as the homeschooling schedule is getting underway.

Another point that hit me was that we must persevere through times of spiritual drought. (rather timely considering the recent release of Mother Theresa's writings.) It is one thing to say we must persevere, but doing it is another. But Fr. Corapi gave a bit of insight that may help us, he said, it is especially in times like this that we "prove" our love for God. We pray because we love God, not because it feels good. So when prayer seems dry and empty, we can realize we are praying not for our own sake, but for His. And that is love.

That I will definitely take to heart. Like the desert land, the rains are few and far between. But they are treasured all the more because of their rarity.

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